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If you sell information products, the KEY to success it creating something that people will actually buy AND use. Over the past few months, I’ve figured out a very simple yet important element of this process.

Many years back I got a complimentary copy of an information product from a VERY well known guru. He asked me to review it so I would consider selling it. When it came in the mail I was amazed at the sheer bulk of what he had sent. It must have weighed eight or nine pounds!

He did this because he had been taught that you need to create a THUD FACTOR with your products. If someone is going to pay a lot of money, they are going to want to get BULK when they order. This is true. BUT, there is a problem.

It’s a problem that ALL of us have. Including YOUR customers.

It would be like going to a restaurant, sitting down and when your meal arrives it takes up the entire table in front of you. All the food may be great, but the question is: WHERE DO I START?

IF you agree that your product should have a THUD FACTOR, then you need to anticipate what your customer will do when it arrives. This is true whether it is in PHYSICAL or DOWNLOADABLE form. If what you sell is BIG, then people will have the SAME reaction.

Where do I start? Should I start? Will I ever be able to finish? Will it be worth it for me to even get going?

After they answer this question, there will be a few different responses. Some people will look at their credit card statements and return the product virtually untouched after a few weeks. They were scared to even get started! Some people will get started, only to feel overwhelmed by how long it will take them to complete the entire process you suggest.

A VERY small percentage will methodically go through the materials. Fewer still will then implement the ideas that you gave them with your “brilliant” product.

Here is what I think needs to happen to reduce your return rates AND get more people to actually use the product you sell them. Doing these two things will make your business a LOT more profitable.

Going back to the product I received a few years back, here is what I did. I immediately got in touch with this person and let them know that the product looked good, BUT, it needed a quick-start guide of some sort.

As I am writing this blog post, I’m creating something even MORE basic than a quick start guide. For the process that I teach: information marketing. I am putting together a CHECKLIST. The checklist is the summary version of the quick start guide in bullet form.

For EVERY product, of any BULK at all, here is what I recommend. First, put together the best product you can. No matter how long or exhaustive it turns out to be.

Then create a quick start guide. This should be like the CLIFF NOTES version of the BIG product. After you do that, then create a CHECKLIST from the CLIFF NOTES.

If you want some numerical guidelines. here they are.

Let’s say your product is a big sucker. It’s 600 pages long. It has a bunch of audios and videos. Even if it’s not THIS long, you can still follow my basic advice here. After you’ve completed what I’ll call your MAIN product, you then sit down and come up with the CLIFF NOTES version. This might end up being 50-60 pages long.

About 10% of the size of your ORIGINAL product.

When you’re done with that, then you create your CHECKLIST. Your Checklist will be 5-6 pages in length. Ten percent of the length of the CLIFF NOTES version of your product. Make sure that at the end of any checklist you have a section marked RESOURCES. This should contain the links and locations of anything that you recommend ANYWHERE in the “main” product itself.

Doing what I am describing above may seem like a fair amount of additional work. IT IS! But, it is WELL WORTH IT! You will not only reduce your return rates, but you’ll get much higher implementation rates of the product itself. This is critical. The more people who actually USE your product, the more chances they will come back to buy MORE from you.

Follow this advice and you’ll be SET!

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Bring ’em on!!

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2 Responses to “Creating the BEST Info Product Guide Out There!”

  1. Cristian Trujilllo on October 19th, 2010 6:14 am

    Great article Fred 😉

  2. Fred Gleeck on October 20th, 2010 6:46 am

    Thanks Crisitian! Now make sure and DIGG it and tell all your friends!!

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