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Asking people for input in the creation of your information marketing products can prove to be quite interesting. On one hand, it can be very productive. But on the other hand, it can drive you nuts. At least that has been my experience a few times.  You might want to crowdsource your info product names and see how it works out for you.

Maybe I am just not fond of accumulating other people’s opinions unless I ask for them. That is pretty common. But maybe by failing to ask I’m actually missing out on some great free ideas. What do you think?

info marketing crowdsourcing

Crowdsource Your Info Product Names

Young people who have been growing up with social media seem to ask for advice easily and often. If you are in that category, or if you just want to experiment with crowdsourcing the names of your upcoming information products, here’s an interesting resource: helps people and businesses hold naming contests. Contest participants can submit, discuss and vote for entries, contests can have multiple phases and voting rounds. There are lots of customization options, including logos and photos, Facebook and Twitter integration, custom rules.”

The name of your information products should, of course, be very clear and easy to understand, so clever names are not always the best choice to ensure clarity. But you don’t have much to lose in this experiment because you will be accumulating fans and followers in the process.

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