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Cultivating Your Information Marketing Audience

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Something things are, in reality, just about 180 degrees the opposite of the way we understand them, or how we think they should be. Cultivating your information marketing audience can be one of those things, for sure.  John Michael Morgan blogged about a simple way to build your audience recently, so I’d like to quote him first:

“It’s a noisy world that is becoming increasingly hard to stand out. You’re probably reading this because you want to stand out or get your business noticed. Well, do you know who else is desperately looking to stand out?

info marketing social media

Cultivating Your Information Marketing Audience

Your audience.

Your customers, prospects, email subscribers, social media following, and neighbors are all seeking recognition. They feel like they are a drop in the ocean that is likely to never get noticed. When you show interest in someone, they become a fan for life.

There is no greater compliment than giving someone your un-divided attention when they seek it. “

Great advice, isn’t it? You cannot argue with Morgan at all on this point. The problem is this – how do you get in a position to listen to people so that they will become customers and loyal fans?  Spending a lot of time on social media is one way, but it is definitely NOT the only way.  Even thoughtful replies to emails can be very effective when they are genuine responses that show you heard the writer and that you care about their questions and opinions.

As Morgan goes on to say, “Too many businesses are out of touch with their audience. Too many people aren’t showing genuine interest in their audience and customers. Those who make it a habit to do so will receive massive benefits and success.”

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