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Determined to Use Pinterest To Promote Your E-book?

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Is it likely that authors are using only the social media sites where they personally like to go? Are you determined to use Pinterest to promote your e-book as a result? Personally, I don’t go there for entertainment or education. But apparently a lot of people go there, and you may be one of them. If so, Pinterest may work to promote your information marketing e-book.

Literary agent Amanda Luedeke posted some tips for using Pinterest on Jane Friedman’s blog recently:

“Pinterest is a site that allows users to “pin” images found on the web to virtual pinboards. There’s minimal text involved because it’s a visual site. It’s all about virtual scrapbooking and visual inspiration… Create great, concise descriptions of each pin, using hashtags, keywords, links, and more. Pin book covers from sites in which the book can actually be purchased. Tag every book cover pin with genre, author, and title information.”

info marketing pinterest

Determined to Use Pinterest To Promote Your E-book?

Now, if those tips don’t make any sense to you, then I’d say Pinterest is not for you. Obviously you don’t spend time there or you’d know what Luedeke is talking about. She actually admits in the post that she doesn’t quite understand why authors are using Pinterest as a social media channel to promote their books.  I agree!

But that being said, if you are on the site frequently and your target market is also there, then by all means go ahead and use it.  In that case, here’s another quote that will apply to your e-book marketing on Pinterest:

“Some authors see success with Pinterest when they consistently pin photos from their blog posts. This requires you to (a) maintain a blog, (b) include photos with each post, and (c) properly pin those photos. But the general idea is that if you end up with some photos that attract attention, people will click through to see where they originated.”

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