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Do Information Marketers Need Value Propositions?

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It’s really a copywriting term – value proposition. Maybe you haven’t heard that term before since you are probably not a copywriter. Do information marketers need value propositions? I say the answer is YES.

Peter Sandeen posted on the topic this week, and he has a great reply to my question:

“A value proposition is a collection of the most compelling reasons for people to buy or sign up for your product or service.

It is what makes people care about what you say.

info maketer propositions

Do Information Marketers Need Value Propositions?

If your sales or landing page doesn’t give readers a great reason to read on, they’re not going to do it. And they surely won’t subscribe to your list or buy your product if you haven’t got them thinking about the value.”

That is very sensible, isn’t it? I really like Sandeen’s definition – “… a collection of the most compelling reaons for people to buy or sign up…”  Since those are EXACTLY what we want people to do when we are marketing our information products, I sounds to me like we DEFINITELY need a value proposition for each product.

Sandeen continues:

“Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Use your headline to give a clear idea of at least one part of your value proposition. ..

2. Dedicate at least one sub-headline (and the following section) for each of the core concepts of your value proposition. ..

3. Tie all your product’s features to your value proposition. Don’t just casually mention something in your sales copy. Instead, explain why that particular concept or element helps deliver one or more of the core concepts of your value proposition.”

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