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Do Other Service Providers Need Your Info Products?

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An idea that is quite familiar to large corporations is participation in joint ventures with other service providers to produce profit for each entity.  Have you been offered a special deal on satellite radio after the trial period expires when you purchase a new vehicle? There’s a good example that will stick in your mind when I say that the same type of arrangement is available to you. Do other service providers need your info products to boost sales of their own products and services?

Auto manufacturers need the satellite radio provider in order to sell cars and trucks, and vice versa. If you haven’t already thought about this potential area of profit, make a point to notice the joint ventures you will see online and offline every day.

information marketing joint ventures

Information Marketing Joint Ventures

Have you ever failed to uncheck the option box when you were downloading an important update, only to discover you accidentally downloaded an anti-virus program as well? I hate that because it feels sneaky. I want to be able to make a choice, not be forced to opt-out of a choice already made for me by default.

Assuming you have had the same experience and perhaps the same feelings, I’d suggest you don’t let a product or service provider position you in a way that engenders resentment when you participate in a joint venture.  That would not boost your sales or your reputation in the long run.

Think carefully about your possible options for joint ventures, and how they can be structured so that you and your products look good. Selling your dog training video course? How about a joint venture with a regional dog food supplier, with dog training info and a discount coupon printed on every bag?

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