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Do This Before You Quit Your Day Job To Market Information

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It is not a good idea to get ahead of yourself and shortchange your needed family income in order to build your information marketing business. As excited as you may be, and as certain as you may be that everything will work out to produce an income that will replace your day job, things may not turn out quite the way you expected.

You’ll want to do this before you quit your day job to market information – be prepared. It’s that simple. Being prepared is just one thing, but it represents quite a few different areas of your life.  Being prepared financially is certainly the first one that comes to mind, however, because it’s so basic. Quitting any job without having another one lined-up is not a good idea. But having your information marketing business lined-up is not the same as having a job with a regular paycheck.

info marketing preparation

Do This Before You Quit Your Day Job To Market Information

It is absolutely true that your info product business can eventually eclipse the salary or wages you earned at a job, but IT TAKES TIME. That’s the most important thing to remember. You have to give your new information marketing empire time to build and to become a steady source of income before you can count on it regularly.

Novelist CJ Lyons has a great, evergreen post on this topic, and her five main points are as follows: 1) Prepare, 2) Protect, 3)Produce, 4) Play, and 5) Persevere. Check out her post for the details, but this list will help you focus on all the parts of your life that need to be in order before you quit your day job to begin writing and producing your info products full-time.

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