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Do You Have A Zone of Genius To Market Information?

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Srinivas Rao interviewed Laura Garnett recently, and posted a podcast of the interview on his blog. Garnett asserts that we all have one, and our job in this life is to find it. Do you have a zone of genius to market information?

The confluence of your personality and your life experience is the best place to start looking for your zone. It’s the core of your expertise, and that’s the place where your own genius dwells.

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Do You Have A Zone of Genius To Market Information?

This concept might seem a bit fluffy, but I assure you that it’s rock solid. I can look back on my life and see how my career in public speaking led, step-by-step to my success as an information marketer. I spent many years interacting with live audiences, which honed the skills I would need to interact with audiences online. And all that training was going on many years before the proliferation of the world wide web.

Teaching owners of self-storage facilities to market their space for rent was not the high-point of my professional information marketing career. But it was an intrinsic step in the process. I am still using what I learned in my past interactions with self-storage owners with my joint venture partners today.

Looking at your own past, not only at your education and your job and business history, but the skills you acquired in the process. Those skills are the fruit of your zone of genius. You need to harvest that fruit and market it in the form of info products in order to build your career.

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