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Do You Have Bad Links But You Don’t Know It?

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With yet another Google update rolling out this week, we cannot be too careful with the inbound and outbound links on our websites.  Do you have bad links and you don’t know it?

Basically, bad links are anything you may have paid for or intentionally done in the past to get links coming into your websites because you were told it boosted your page ranking at the time. And that was probably true. Spammy articles and comments are two good examples. Bad links are not natural, in other words. They are manipulated and contrived for the sole purpose of getting “link juice.”

info marketing bad links

Do You Have Bad Links But You Don’t Know It?

If none of this is making sense to you, that’s a very good thing. It means you are relatively new to information marketing and your websites and blogs are also new. It means you weren’t in the game a couple years ago when any link was considered a good link as far as search engines were concerned.

But those days are gone forever. Now Google and other search engines want to see links going out from your sites to other sites that are relevant to what you post. Search engines have become smart enough to tell if you are linking to authoritative sites that contribute to what you are writing and sharing on your site.  And that means they know when links are irrelevant and make no logical sense.

Good outbound inks add to your readers’ experiences, giving them more information or reference material. Good inbound links, on the other hand, come from real people who visit your site and from organizations that link to it. If a dog food manufacturer links to your dog training site you are in doggy link heaven.

You can check the number and the source of links on your website and blog stat page, which is a good thing to do occasionally.

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