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Do You Know Your Info Product Buyer Persona?

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Do your know your info product buyer persona?  Are you wondering what a buyer persona is ? Basically, a buyer persona is a picture of one person representing all the people in a particular target market.

Developing a buyer persona helps you focus on that person, and speak directly to that person when you are writing and recording your information products. Think of a person as an archetype and that will help you get started. In a way, you are creating a character, based on the facts you know about your target market, so that you can write and speak to that character directly.

info marketing buyer persona

Do You Know Your Info Product Buyer Persona?

Talking to one person is much more effective than trying to scoop many different types of people into your presentations. Whenever I speak to groups of people I generally identify one person in my audience and I focus my speech on that person. That technique helps me stay on tract with a focused, more conversational tone, directed toward one person.

“Corporate-speak” is the death of communication in big companies; we all know that. But we don’t always know when we slip into corporate speak ourselves.  Keeping a sharp focus on the likely thoughts and feelings of one typical buyer is one way to avoid talking “over the heads” of an audience and thereby losing touch with them.

You’ll find, however, that some information products will need more focus on the features and benefits than on the buyer persona. Software, for example.  That’s a good example of the type of product that requires specific descriptions in order for buyers to understand what it can do for them, and why they need it.

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