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Do you market information to women with the use of video?  If so, or if you are contemplating it at all, then you will want to consider some statistics gleaned from a December 2012 survey of over 600 women conducted by Total Beauty Media Group on women’s video-watching habits.

Basically, the statistics show that women prefer to watch videos on their desktop computers because they are easier to see, despite the fact that they own laptops, tablets and smart phones. Younger women, aged 25 – 34 are more likely watch videos on their smart phones than boomer women, not surprisingly.

women info marketing

Information Marketing to Women

And another potentially useful piece of information revealed in the same study is that 60% of the younger women and 40% of the boomer women subscribe to YouTube channels.  More than 80% of all women expressed annoyance with advertising, preferring to give personal information or respond to surveys in order to eliminate ads.

Ethelbert Williams, head of marketing at Total Beauty Media Group was quoted as saying, “Brands and publishers interested in reaching them need to build affinity with more than just a single piece of video. It’s not about going viral, it’s about getting them engaged in channels.”

When you are marketing information to women who are working all day and returning home to their “other” job it is crucial to know how to get their attention in a way that will work for them, and also work for your own purposes as well.

Williams also mentioned that the survey showed 30% of younger women were watching 30 minutes or more of online programming daily, and 50% watch a video clip every day between 5:00 – 10:00 pm.  This data should inspire your own video production and YouTube posting when you market to women now.

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