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Do You Overlook People in Your Information Marketing?

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We need to have a form of tunnel vision in order to build information products and market them successfully. That is one way to describe having sharp focus on a goal. But that good tunnel vision can lead to bad tunnel vision accidentally. Is this making sense? Let me ask you this – do you overlook people in your information marketing?

Here’s an example that just occurred to me because it applies to me, and to my own business. A handicapped person, perhaps someone confined to a wheelchair, may be thinking about ways to make money in spite of his or her handicap. Information marketing is actually perfect for handicapped people who can work online from their wheelchairs.

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Do You Overlook People in Your Information Marketing?

Now, have I ever created a product specifically for handicapped persons? No. It just never occurred to me. I don’t believe I’ve been politically incorrect though, because my marketing efforts do not exclude anyone in a wheelchair either.

But I may have missed a great marketing opportunity because I simply failed to consider the huge number of people who might beat a path to my door if I had targeted keywords like, “make a living online from your wheelchair.”  I had the bad kind of tunnel vision in a way, because I didn’t explore that type of long-tail keyword ‘way back at the beginning. Now I probably would do so.

And more importantly, YOU can do so now. Whether or not you are confined to a wheelchair, you can select target markets and build info products specifically oriented towards the specialized needs and wants of those markets. Handicapped people are a perfect example, but there are MANY others.

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