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Do You Suffer From Twitter Unfollows?

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Twitter has become a universe unto itself, and it has rules of behavior that I am still learning. Do you suffer from Twitter unfollows? A recent blog post by Mark Schaefer attracted a lot of comment, and I learned some things, so maybe you will, too:

Shaefer says: “I currently have about 60,000 people following me on Twitter, all of them are real people to the best of my knowledge. These people found me and stuck with me over the last four years. This graphic implies that in just a few MONTHS nearly 100,000 people found me and dropped me.”

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Do You Suffer From Twitter Unfollows?

And some comments to his post include:

“…if you didn’t follow them back they are much more likely to unfollow you. So if you want to reduce the number of unfollows I think you probably need to follow more people and follow them quickly so they don’t get a chance to unfollow you!” Ian Cleary

“What you want are listeners, not so much followers.. You get listeners buy the 5B’s. Be interesting, Be Interested, Be committed, Be Consistent and finally Be authentic. Act with those 5B’s in mind and people will follow you for the right reasons.” Mark Shaw

“I probably don’t know who is/isn’t following me. If they take the time to talk to me, more than once, perhaps over a few days/weeks, then more often than not I will follow them back, because they’ve shown an interest in engaging.” Shonali Burke

My own profile on Twitter is where I announce my weekly webinars, and that’s about it. I’d love to hear your comments to this discussion now.

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