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Do Your Blog Posts Bore Or Boost Your Audience?

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Do your blog posts bore or boost your audience, do you know for sure? This is a topic that takes some courage to consider, and it also takes some honest feedback from clients and customers.

Mars Dorian lambastes all bloggers for trying to be polite and politically correct, and he says that what we should do is, “…craft a post from the edge of your mind, with all the mojo, vulnerability, personal experience and original opinions — a little, uncomfortable masterpiece only you can come up with.”

OK, so, what does that mean?

Dorian again, “Before you create your next content, step back for a second and be still.

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Do Your Blog Posts Bore Or Boost Your Audience?

Are you creating an original piece of work, or are you merely soaking up the sound waves from the echo chamber? Tell yourself the truth. Then slap your face left and right.”

Here’s my take on his suggestions – don’t hold back. Don’t write blog posts to please other people, but to express your real thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes those things just aren’t polite and pretty.

I love it when Dorian says, “Keeping a cool, perfect and professional online presence seems to be the way to go, but it also got the emotional pulling power of a frozen brick. Marketing is all about evoking emotions.”

A frozen brick, that’s a good visual, isn’t it? I’m the guy who’s been blogging my strong opinions since 2004, so it is delightful to hear somebody else’s strong words of advice.

Now, here is a strong opinion of my own, “If all you read is non-fiction, let me tell you to STOP. I don’t care if you’re a business person. You MUST read good fiction. Why? Because as an information marketer you need to connect with your audience with more than just business stories and references.”

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