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Do Your Information Products Fit On a Watch?

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Do your information products fit on a watch? I mean, could they be viewed on a screen small enough to wear on your wrist? If the rumors are true, Apple’s iWatch may be available as soon as 2014, and that means we have to re-think our info products once again.

Honestly, I cannot fathom how much smaller a screen can get, and yet provide useful, accessible information. Google Glass fits right over the eyes, so that makes sense I guess. I mean, it makes sense if you want to be distracted with internet access literally right before your eyes. Maybe it’s just me, but that just doesn’t seem very safe, especially while driving. We talk on our cell phones while driving, so why wouldn’t we wear our internet glasses and look at our internet watches while driving, too?

info marketing on iwatch

Do Your Information Products Fit On a Watch?

All safety issues aside, let’s think through the information marketing issues here. How can we begin to produce web pages and content that works for clients and customers using miniature screens? Is it possible?

Mobile-optimized products and mobile marketing are not taking over the web yet, and now we are faced with the challenge of an even smaller space on which we may have to convey our messages. I honestly don’t have any answers today, just questions.

Please feel free to comment because I’m sure we need to have a community discussion on this topic for everyone to benefit.

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