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Do Your Kindle Products Date You?

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It’s hard to believe how fast things have changed in the digital e-reader department. Black and white Amazon Kindle e-readers are old-fashioned now that digital tablets have exploded on the scene and grabbed much of the same audience. Do your Kindle products date you? Are you keeping up with the times and producing information products that are easy to access on tablet devices?

Hannah Johnson posted about her fondness for the old-fashioned Kindle devices on Publishing Perspectives, titling her article, I love my Kindle. Am I a dinosaur?  As it turns out, she got a lot of enthusiastic comments, including this one:

info marketing question

Do Your Kindle Products Date You?

“It’s pretty funny to feel retro nostalgia about an electronic reader! That said, I completely agree. I also like the fact that there are no distractions with the Kindle. I can barely read an entire email on my phone without flipping over to check Facebook or reconfirm my next meeting time in the Calendar. In order to really engage with a book, I need those distractions not to be available–or at least not available on the same device!” Commenter Margot Atwell

I think this whole issue is interesting because it demonstrates something I expected would happen, sooner or later. Many people prefer to read without the distractions of email and social media popping up and interrupting their experience, which happens on phones and computers and tablets now. It will be interesting to see how things go, statistically-speaking.

But one thing is for certain, which is the need to create information products that can be accessed and read easily on any size device.

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