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Does Your Information Product or Your Subscriber List Come First?

Information Marketing

Corbett Barr poses the perfect question in a blog post this week, and I’m asking you, too. Does your information product or your subscriber list come first?  Oh boy, isn’t that a great question?

Barr asks, “Is it better to build an audience first, and then a product/service, or should you build a product first and find the audience later?”  Pretty similar to my question , right?

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Does Your Information Product or Your Subscriber List Come First?

Here is one of his answers, “Just because you build a great product, that doesn’t mean you can skip over the audience-building part. You’ll either have to build an audience through hard work (content marketing), or with deep pockets (advertising).”

That is a voice of experience speaking, and it matches my experience as well. There really is not one answer to either of our questions, actually. But what is true universally is that knowing EXACTLY for whom you are building your information products will ALWAYS give you an advantage. It will save you time in the product creation phase, and it will make you money in the marketing phase. Guaranteed.

If your info products are genuinely written and recorded to solve the issues, problems and concerns of an audience that you are able to reach with your information marketing, you will come out ahead with that audience. If you are marketing generic products for a gigantic, unspecific audience, and you have not taken the time to target and research your audience, then you will probably fail. It’s that simple.

Barr continues, “Spending too much time solely on product development OR audience development is a waste. To build a business, you have to do both simultaneously.” And I second that opinion.

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