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Dolly Parton Info Marketing

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Just say the name, “Dolly Parton,” and immediately you picture a woman who has built one of the most identifiable brands in the world.  Right? And she did it on purpose.  Here’s a great quote attributed to Dolly, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”  The woman is a living example of those words, and that’s an undeniable fact.  She has built an entertainment empire on those words.

Honestly, I’m suggesting you need to do the same thing to build your information marketing empire. There is only one Dolly Parton, and there is only one YOU. Recognizing her uniqueness in a sea of country music performers is what set her apart many years ago, and it is what sets us all apart from our own crowd, whenever we wrap our heads around this simple reality.

info marketing uniqueness

Dolly Parton Info Marketing

Finding your uniqueness is absolutely key to marketing information now. Speaking expert, Avish Parashar established his uniqueness as an improv comedian first, and he has built his information marketing business on it.  What is your uniqueness?

Sometimes it takes another person to help you identify it because you are too close to see it yourself. This is not an uncommon situation, really. Getting together with other info marketers and brainstorming is a great way to uncover the qualities that are foundational to personal branding and business building.

You can also sit down and make a list of your own, personal characteristics. Then show your list to a few people who know you well. Listen carefully to their reactions and take them seriously because they can definitely help you get on track when you’re uncovering your uniqueness to build your information marketing business.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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