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Don’t Forget Radio For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Call it old-fashioned, but it is still a dynamic, practical method to get interviews and to promote your information products, especially your books. While you are busy Tweeting and posting on the web, don’t forget radio for information marketing.  It can work particularly well for authors and experts selling products along with their information.

Bill & Steve Harrison have a media service called Reporter Connection, and in their email today they shared the following tips on radio interviews from former publicist-turned-author, Arielle Ford:

  1. info marketing radio

    Radio and Information Marketing

    Get media-trained by a professional and have your most important tips on note cards in front of you at all times;

  2. Stand up during your phone interviews — and SMILE — you’ll project more energy and authority that way;  and
  3. Don’t hold back and share any idea, tip, statistic or bit of info that can help someone.

Both items number one and two above have two parts. Use of note cards, and taking care to stand up and smile are important tips that you can implement without spending money. Which leaves the part about getting media-trained by a professional. Now, that particular suggestion is likely to come at a price.

Media coaches you meet on the web can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so you might be interested in a local alternative.  You won’t get the same expert training on development of “talking points,” but you will have a place to get started.

And that place is a local radio station that airs talk show hosts. They generally delight in finding interesting local authors and authorities to interview.  Take all the advice they have to offer and get some practice “on air,” then you can expand your horizons and explore web radio stations, too.

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