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E-book Lawsuit News for Info Marketers

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Lawsuits are not my favorite subject. But I pay attention to newsworthy items that affect information marketers, and there was a pretty substantial lawsuit reported this week, with another to follow soon on its heels. Both fall in the category of e-book lawsuit news for info marketers.

Turns out, the big, traditional publisher Penguin had an agreement with Apple that effectively violated anti-trust laws. I’m quoting an article by Edward Nawotka on Publishing Perspectives :

“The lawsuit asserts that Penguin actively participated in a price-fixing scheme orchestrated by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) that artificially raised e-book prices and created a virtual cartel, eliminating any retailer competition on price.

info marketing ebook lawsuits

E-book Lawsuit News for Info Marketers

The $75 million settlement, if approved by the court, would resolve claims filed by 33 states against Penguin as well as class-action lawsuits filed by consumers alleging that the company’s behavior violated unfair competition laws, causing consumers to overpay for e-books.”

I have to admit, being an author of e-books myself, it’s pretty hard to imagine that prices have been fixed in such a way that consumers were actually harmed, but I am not an industry insider by any means. The price of most e-books is ridiculously low, but not all, apparently.

The same article also mentions, “The states and the Department of Justice are scheduled to face Apple in a civil trial regarding these claims beginning on June 3, 2013.” So it looks like e-book lawsuit news is not over yet. Not by a long shot.

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