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Want to learn how to perfect your book writing skills? It’s possible. I don’t care how poor a writer you are, you can do it. I DID! I was a pretty average (to below average) writer. My Dad was a writer and that’s why I got into the professional speaking business, to not have to compete.

What I realized was that as a professional speaker you can get so many more gigs if you write books. People will perceive you as more knowledgeable and credible. That being the case, I set out to LEARN how to write books, specifically ebooks, much better.

Step #1 to make this happen: WRITE, WRITE and then WRITE some more!

Nothing will perfect your ebook writing better than practice. I spend anywhere from an hour to three hours a day writing. I suggest you do the same.

Step #2: Learn your subject matter inside and out

You’ll be able to write better the better you know your topic and subject.

Step #3: Find a good mentor

Without someone to help you, your chances for success are minimal. 

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