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If you’re selling info products then you will definitely need an ecommerce solution. I have been using for close to 10 years. I met the developer many years ago. I know the guy and I know that he knew what he was doing.

There are some key things you need to look for in an ecommerce solution. Here they are:

* Unlimited Auto-responders. You need this because it’s crucial to your success as an information marketer.

* Shopping Cart. Every ecommerce solution must have a shopping cart. This is an absolutely necessary component of ANY solution.

* Ad Trackers. Ad trackers allow you to know where a click came from and whether or not someone bought when they got to a site. Critical information to know.

* Ebook Module: Deliver your digital products including e-books with virtually NO effort.

* Client Database System:  Keep all your customers records in one place sortable by a variety of fields.

* Broadcast Module:  Allows you to send out a message to any segment of your database quickly and easily.

* Forms Module:  Create a form for a variety of purposes (including surveys) quickly and easily.

* Affiliate Module:  Set up and accurately track others who want to sell your products.

* Coupon Module:  Create urgency for your offers using either a time element or a specified number of units.

* Tell a Friend Module:  Get others to refer people to your site with a few clicks of the mouse.

All of these elements are critical to your success and I highly recommend you take a look at:

Good luck!


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