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As you build your information marketing business you will find that customers and clients want individual attention. I am working with clients on an individual basis now in my Fred Info Bootcamp program, and my joint venture partners are coaching clients, too. Voice over talent Bill DeWees is helping other voice over talent get started in the business by producing demo recordings for them.

We are all learning that it requires some emotional intelligence to coach clients. Compared to a webinar presentation or a live speaking engagement to groups of people, coaching individuals involves more listening and understanding of each person’s perspective and needs. And that means I have to be in touch with my own.

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Emotional Intelligence To Coach Clients

It’s very tempting to think that there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for everybody who gets the bright idea to select a topic and build an information marketing business. But that is not the case. Every topic has a unique target audience and every marketer has a unique set of circumstances in his or her life. So, I am in the position of having to pull back and see how to fit what I know together with what the topic and the person require. That takes emotional intelligence for sure.

This process is similar to putting puzzle piece together, and in doing so we create a big picture. As a coach, I have to be able to see the big picture far in advance, and encourage my clients to take one step after another into it. This skill develops over time, but each info product topic and each individual, as a combination, is unique and new.

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