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Facebook Verified Pages For Information Marketing?

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How can you know if the people you meet on social media are real people? Or if the companies are real, for that matter? There’s one new way as of this week, and you might want to check it out because you may be able to use Facebook Verified Pages for information marketing right now.

I have to admit, I’m a little confused about this news. I went to Facebook and tried to find out how to get their blue check-mark on my pages, which is the indicator for Verified Pages. But the “how to verify your account” information did not explain what I needed to know.

I read several articles posted this week on the topic, and this is the best explanation I could find so far, from Doug Gross on

info marketing facebook verified

Facebook Verified Pages For Information Marketing?

“Starting Thursday [5/30], the site began testing a system that lets people with a large number of subscribers submit a government ID to prove they really are who they say they are.

‘This update makes it even easier for subscribers to find and keep up with journalists, celebrities and other public figures they want to connect to,’ a Facebook spokesman said in an e-mail.

Once verified, a user will be able to “more prominently display an alternate name (nickname, maiden name, byline, etc.) on their timelines in addition to their real name.”

OK, that’s clear enough I guess. But what does that mean to the rest of us, information marketers who don’t enjoy celebrity status? I’m not sure anybody knows the answer to that question as of yet.

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