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Fact-checking Your Information Products

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This is a subject that will give you pause to think. Consider fact-checking your information products to avoid problems of all kinds. Legal problems or authority problems, it all boils down to trust.

When you have cultivated a relationship online or offline to the point where you have collected money for your time, your physical or your digital products, that relationship is based on a definite degree of trust. Other than accepting a credit card number and running it through your merchant account successfully, there isn’t much trust required on your part.

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Fact-checking Your Information Products

But your customers are demonstrating great trust in you, and if your advice fails in any way you may very well lose some of the trust you had managed to earn in the first place.

Getting basic facts wrong in your information products is, of course, a pretty serious violation of trust. If you sell bicycles and created an e-book about competitive bicycling that mentioned Lance Armstrong’s world titles when they were in place, you would not be in error. But now you would be in error, and you may need to go back and correct your e-book to reflect Armstrong’s recent losses.

If you are dispensing information about search engine optimization, for another example, your SEO e-book would probably need constant updating due to the frequent changes in Google search.

And it is not only facts that change over time but the validity of facts, such as statistics and results of scientific or other studies that should be fact-checked before using them in your information products, especially in print or recordings. Those products are too costly to correct when you get the facts wrong.

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