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Finding Time For Your Information Marketing

Information Marketing

I like this idea from Mary Rosenblum of the Long Ridge Writers Group, “Fifteen minutes spent at the computer during your coffee break can become pages and pages of that novel completed.   Lunch in front of your latest story or assignment is a great way to diet.  Bring a sandwich and sit down to that ongoing story.  Even at the pace of a few sentences per break, the pages will begin to stack up.  Can you come in a bit early or leave a bit late?”

How practical is that? She’s a novelist, but her suggestions apply to non-fiction as well. My favorite part is, “… a great way to diet.” You gotta admit, if you can get your info products written while you’re also losing weight, you’ve got the ultimate multi-tasking scenario!  Finding time for your information marketing is a challenge, whether or not you’re working a full-time or part-time job, too.

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Writing and Information Marketing

Many writing coaches suggest setting a timer and forcing yourself to write non-stop for the timed period. No matter what you write, no matter how lousy your spelling or punctuation may be, just do it and edit it later.  This is a good suggestion for people who are just starting out, but I like, “… a few sentences per break,”  better.

Finding time to jot down your substantial ideas is the most important thing that needs time, in my experience. Then, sitting down to talk about them and record my talking, or to write about them directly, I am focused on one substantial idea at a time.  That’s the hard part, the substance of the writing. After that, the writing should flow easily in the process of creating your information marketing products.

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