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First, Know Who Will NOT Buy Your Info Products

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If you start with “everybody” and aim toward a goal of identifying a distinct target market, first know who will NOT buy your info products. Seriously, it’s a great place to begin. It feels like pruning a whole tree in order to make it grow better and produce more fruit. There’s a picture to inspire you to get started with the process now, in order to encourage new life, new growth in your information marketing business.

One way to be certain that your pruning process goes well and accomplishes your goal of new growth and productivity is to get started posting on your own blog and as a guest on other blogs. It’s all about the comments people make, and what you can learn from those comments.


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Know Who Will NOT Buy Your Info Products

Gary Korisko’s experiences  as a guest blogger, shared in a post on Think Traffic this week include the following:

“Want to get something out of life? Try giving first. Blogging is no different, especially guest posting.

The way I see it, if some A-List blogger allows me to post my content on his or her site, I’m the one being done the favor. Sure, the host site gets some content – but let’s be realistic. The host is allowing me to speak directly to his or her audience for the purpose of gaining more notoriety and subscribers.”

Korisko got a lot of comments on his guest posts, and he also got 182 new subscribers to his own blog. He is experimenting with guest posting and it is working for building his own list, and exposing those contacts to his book, How To Alienate All The Right People. What a great title!  He is building an information marketing empire by guest posting.  Could you do the same?

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