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Follow Up For Information Marketing Success

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Have you experienced a follow-up sequence in your own business life and felt that it was just too much? Have you actually been grateful for a follow-up email from time to time because it jogged your memory right when you needed it?  There’s no perfect solution regarding follow up for information marketing success but many people believe that more is better than less.

Sean D’Souza emailed his list on this subject this week, and I like his take on it, so I’ll share some of it now. He is talking to authors promoting a book, “If you keep pummeling someone with sales offers, they’ll soon tire of you, and stop paying attention no matter how great your offer. You can however, follow up with other methods. E.g. a book excerpt. Or a few testimonials from clients embedded in your weekly newsletter. Or an interview where you talk about your book.”

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Follow Up For Information Marketing Success

If you select one particular item to communicate in an email, and then don’t complicate your simple communication on that item, you have the best opportunity to succeed.  Remember that our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter, so we all pretty much just want to focus on one simple thing at any one moment.

D’Souza follows up with the following statement, “The mistake that rookies make is that they send out the excerpt, the testimonials, the interview etc. all in one email.”

 Bingo.  It’s the complicated nature that causes problems, see what I mean? I agree with D’Souza on this point completely. Stick to one item and then send separate emails with additional items later, one per email. That is how you can follow up to build success.

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