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The New York public library has succeeded in spearheading an effort to get all the major book publishers in the United States to provide their e-book catalogues to public libraries.  This is a very big deal in the publishing world, and it may become a big deal to you, too.  Essentially, e-books in a library near you can influence your target market because they may be able to get their information for free.

Anthony Marx, President of the New York Public Library, reported in the New York Times online this week, and he explained the major shift in public access to published e-books:

info marketing library shelves

Free E-books In A Library Near You

“Selection remains limited. The New York Public Library had 100,000 copies of 37,000 digital titles in circulation last year, compared with 6.5 million copies in circulation of 1 million print titles. Just as libraries decide which physical books to purchase and how many of each, we now will be deciding the same for e-books. We also have to educate patrons that they can download library e-books anywhere and on any device. Most Americans don’t even know that libraries offer e-books, according to national surveys.”

As goes New York City, so goes the nation in many areas of life. So, it’s time to consider how our information marketing businesses will be affected by the e-books offered by major publishers when they become available for library patrons to check out of other libraries across the country.

Naturally, your marketing niche, your specific topic geared and carefully marketed to your target market is not likely to be affected by free e-books in public libraries, unless your topic is one that other authors have written about and published with major publishers. That’s where the potential competition lies.

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