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Generating Leads From Your Blog Posts

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If you are not yet generating leads from your blog posts, take heart. Although it’s not immediate, you should get results relatively quickly. Jeff Molander has an inspiring true story in his post this week. He’s describing the results of a photocopier salesman who started a blog and began getting real leads within a few months:

“Ed blogs in question-and-answer format. This helps him get found by clients searching for helpful advice. He also writes blog articles that give customers guidance-making sure they don’t get ripped off. He steers them clear of risks.”

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Generating Leads From Your Blog Posts

This is a great idea. Stop and think about how you feel when you are searching for information. Have you ever bought a photocopier? It’s a big investment and you would definitely want to read comments about any brand and model you might consider buying. Well, that’s what other people are doing, too.

Molander continues, and this somewhat surprised me, “But being helpful, transparent, honest and all that jazz is not the key. Ed explains solutions to problems customers have in was that creates clarity AND active curiosity in him.”

Got that? It’s the genuine, natural human tendency to want to satisfy curiosity. We all want that, for the most part. You can use that natural human tendency to your own benefit in order to get leads and make sales.

Molander’s five suggestions include:

“1. Do your homework. Understand how your prospects search on Google.

2. Solve a problem.

3. Create a response.

4. Keep it brief and ALWAYS make a call to action.

5. Dominate. [Here he’s talking page rankings…]”

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