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Get Ideas For Building Your information Marketing Business

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Ideas. You cannot generally go to WalMart and get some at a discount. Ideas have lives of their own, and finding them and growing them is the basis of all success. How do you get ideas for building your information marketing business now?

British copywriter Glen Fisher posted a delightful article this week on the subject of getting ideas. His title is “The One Thing You Must Have To Get A Great New Idea,” which surely applies to us all. Curious? Fisher says,

“Ideas are like those new shops you suddenly notice have opened. You can’t remember seeing the premises being renovated or new signs being put up – just one day it wasn’t there and today it is. But just because you didn’t notice the work being done doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

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Get Ideas For Building Your information Marketing Business

Ideas ARE built.”

Fisher’s theory, to which I also subscribe, is that everything we read and watch and hear gets stored and rearranged in the crucible of our minds. Eventually, in due time, it spontaneously arises as a fresh, new idea, concocted from all the available ingredients within us. Ideas, in a sense, form and grow from the substance of what we are and what we know, from our experiences and our beliefs about them.

Consequently, our ideas are generally unique. They may be similar to the ideas of others, because we are influenced and affected by other people constantly, but our unique perspective is to be respected and treasured.

This is the moment to savor another of Fisher’s comments, “Once you’ve fed your brain, as a copywriter, you must trust it to do its work.”  And it is also true for those of us writing to create information products, too.  We have to process and respect our take on the world around us to market information.

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