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Had your fill of advisors telling you to grow your list of email addresses in order to build your information marketing business? They are right, of course, but the frustration comes from knowing how to do it. You can get more email addresses for your info products business if you pay attention to the ways YOU are motivated to provide yours when prompted.

Besides taking note of the forms you are personally motivated to use, and thinking about WHY you are motivated, here are a few suggestions from David Daniels’ recent post on ClickZ:

1) Keep registration forms short.

info marketing email database

Get More Email Addresses For Your Info Products Business

2) Use standard form-field names.

3) Promote registration and newsletter subscriptions across the site.

Now, Daniel’s post includes a few more points, but these three make my point here today.  We are most likely to get our site visitors to opt-in with their contact information if the form is familiar, short, and frequent. In other words, we like to feel safe and we like it to be easy.

If a form has too many form fields I often balk, partially because it takes too much time, but also because I just don’t want to give out a lot of my information right off the bat. Do you? Don’t you prefer to fill out form fields that only ask for your first name and your email address? I do.

However, once I am connected and there have been some meaningful communications from the person or business I connected with, then I relax and find myself willing to provide more information, including my snail mail address and my phone number.

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