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Before creating your  information product, have you answered the question, “Who else needs to know what I know?” This question applies to what you know in business or your professional life, but it also applies to your hobbies.

Let’s say you love to find odd and interesting containers to cultivate flowers, herbs and vegetables in small spaces every spring. You have been collecting ideas and personal photos of containers overflowing with lush flowering plants for many years.

Have you got a list of at least three types of people who would love to know what you know about container gardening so that you can create information products to sell?


Who else needs to know what I know?

Here’s an example of three types of people who might have an interest in buying the info products you create on the topic of container gardening:

  1. Apartment dwellers;
  2. People who live in mobile homes;
  3. Elderly people who cannot stoop down easily to garden in the ground.

In your enthusiasm for drilling drainage holes in the bottom of all sorts of barrels and buckets and bowls you should stop and consider how to share your passion with each of these three types of buyers.

Please take careful note that I’m calling your target market, “buyers.” That is a critical point I’m making here. You are not only listing people who might have interest, but those who will be willing to part with some money to learn what you know.

It’s a great idea to offer free info products to entice buyers, but obviously your goal is to make sales.  So, if there are not likely to be apartment dwellers, people living in mobile homes and some elderly folks who are willing to pay for a book or a CD or a video, then these people are not your info product buyers.

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