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Guest Speaking To Build Your Information Business

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I’ve written a lot of blog posts and even several books on the topic of guest speaking to build your information business. If you are preparing to market information of any kind, online and offline, you will want to give serious consideration to making speeches to boost your brand.

You may or may not receive a cash fee for your speaking engagements, but that’s ok because you will often earn more by having the opportunity to sell products from the stage instead.  That arrangement is set up in advance so you know how to structure your presentation and how many products to bring along for sale.

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Guest Speaking To Build Your Information Business

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that the two top things that audiences appreciate in a speaker are pretty much the same to things we all appreciate in a conversation with another person.

Those two things are sincerity and knowledge. We want to have a strong sense that we are listening to (or conversing with) someone who is being genuine and honest, and whose words and ideas are logical and smart. We don’t mind learning something, as long as we get to accept it willingly so we’re not force-fed.

Humor is a good thing, as long as it is also genuine. If you are speaking on your information marketing topic, or another topic associated with it, you don’t want to come across as a crass comedian. Humor is very specific to different audiences and you will want to be in touch with an audience before attempting too much humor. Just because YOU think something is funny doesn’t mean THEY think it’s funny.

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