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Have you written a guest post to promote your info products? Do you have plans to get started guest posting? It’s a popular method for getting attention and links back to your websites and profiles, so I’ve noticed that I’m getting requests from prospective guest post writers now, too.

That puts me in a good position to comment on how it feels to be approached for a guest blogging opportunity. I like this article by Dustin Verburg on Page One Power because he describes the process of getting to know a blogger before actually asking for a guest posting opportunity. That, by the way, is a good idea.

info marketing guest blogging

Have You Written A Guest Post To Promote Your Info Products?

It is NOT a good idea to pop up out of nowhere and ask. At least that technique doesn’t impress me personally when offers from prospective guest bloggers land in my inbox.

Verburg is speaking as a writer who has created a piece of content for which he is seeking a guest posting opportunity:

“If I take the time to write something, I care about it. I torture myself with writing, re-writing, editing and citing sources. I want to make sure that at least one other person actually reads that post, and that one other person is the blog owner.

I want my newborn piece of content hosted on a site that’s run by someone I’ve talked to (and might talk to again). But how do I approach that goal?”

My comment to that is simple – it’s backwards.  I suggest you develop a relationship with a blogger first, and then ASK what kind of content is needed or desired on his or her blog, and how you can promote your own information marketing in the process.

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