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High-Tech Ways To Use Time Most Effectively

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Time management skills have always been important in business. But now they are not only important, they are critical to success. The most motivated person will flounder and sink in the tide of digital and real life distractions without a time management system of some sort.  Let’s explore some high-tech ways to use time most effectively in your information marketing business.

Ilya Pozin posted a fascinating list on LinkedIn, including the following, followed by my comments:

“1. ActiveInbox   [This is for Gmail and Yahoo email accounts.]

info marketing time management

High-Tech Ways To Use Time Most Effectively

2. Swiftkey  [This is for texting faster and more efficiently, especially for users of Android devices.]

3. Buffer   [This is for coordinating social media posts.]”

I figure, most information marketers are pretty overwhelmed and anything that cuts into the overwhelm and manages it for them is something to consider. These three suggestions are only a sample of the ten suggestions in Pozin’s article, but they cover three basic areas – email, texting and social media.

Honestly, those three functions – email, texting and social media reading and posting – can consume a person’s life entirely, especially solo entrepreneurs working alone most of the time. So, having a management system is probably more critical for us (I’m in this category, too) than it is for employees with supervision and assistance. We have to do it all and it’s particularly hard to juggle everything.

One thing to keep in mind with these management programs and apps is that they reach into your email account, including your list of contacts. Make sure you check the privacy policies before signing up because you don’t want your contact list to receive any form of spam that will be linked to you somehow.

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