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How Busyness Interferes with Your Info Product Business

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It’s no secret that multi-tasking reduces productivity, even though we all seem to relish the idea of completing several tasks at once. It makes us proud.  I guess we have forgotten that, “Pride goes before a fall.” Proverbs  16:18 Maybe it’s time to look at exactly how busyness interferes with your info products business.

Since infographics are all the rage now, Jason Miller at Marketo shares a good one on the subject of work distractions. It includes seven of deadly sins of work distractions, meaning the ones we consciously and unconsciously choose. The illustrations portray these points better than words, but here is my summary:

  1. checklist of information marketing distractions

    Information Marketing Distractions Checklist

    Checking your email every two minutes;

  2. Keeping your desk cluttered;
  3. Sitting in a bad chair;
  4. Consistently multi-tasking;
  5. Setting up digital notifications;
  6. Allowing people, phone calls and texts to interrupt;
  7. Creating an impossibly long to-do list.

Do any of these sound familiar?  Yeah, me too.

Author and software developer Jiri Novotny of Dextronet wrote a blog post titled, What Are You Not Going To Do? In it he says, “If you are committed to something, it means excluding everything else that might conflict with that commitment. So, by definition, we can have only a very small amount of commitments. Commitments are the deciding factor when it comes to success in your personal and work life.”

I’m thinking that multi-tasking represents a lack of commitment. We are not committed to doing one thing when we are doing several at the same time. That habit carries over into our thinking and writing and building an info products business.

We do not commit to one big goal only, we commit on a moment-to-moment basis everyday.

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