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How Does Your Analog Life Mesh With Your Digital Business?

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I just laughed and truly enjoyed Mark Shafer’s post on cleaning out all his old files and papers lately. He did a great job of describing what we all have to deal with sooner or later. I especially enjoyed his title – The End of An Analog Life. Wow, that’s an attention-getter, isn’t it?

Although Schaefer is in the business of social media consulting, he is not a spring chicken (like me) and his expression of what it feels like to throw away the accumulations of a lifetime are not unfamiliar to me, or to many of my blog readers as well:

info marketing analog trash

How Does Your Analog Life Mesh With Your Digital Business?

“I am realizing that I am the final generation that will ever face this problem. I am part of a near-extinct species who has an extensive paper record of our lives. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know.

Judging by the garbage bin, I have killed a lot of trees in my life. But there is something more visual, more human … and more cool … about these big photo albums, ticket stubs, and hand-written letters from old girlfriends.

For people growing up today, all of these things will be relegated to a file on a smart phone or an upload to “the cloud.” Our tactile days are coming to an end.”

If you’re wondering how your analog life can continue to mesh with your digital business, the truth is that you’re not alone. None of us know how the world will work without a paper trail. Not really.

But we have to move forward to build our information businesses and our lives with confident expectation in the future.

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