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How Information Marketing Changes Books

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We’ve all wandered through libraries and book stores to “surf” books on the shelf. I still do that, but most of the time I surf the web to look for books. Most people do the same thing, so it’s easy to see how information marketing changes books and people’s book shopping habits.

Joe Wikert at O’Reilly Media blogs about “spine width” as an indicator of change on his Publishing 2020 blog. I like that image because I can relate to it. Countless times have I tipped my head to the side in the library and the book store to read book titles on the spines.

information marketing ebooks

Ebooks don’t have spines

That’s why  Wikert uses the phrase spine width to refer to the length and presentation of traditionally published books in which a wider spine indicates a longer book.

Well, e-books don’t have spines.  Generally, e-books are not judged by their length. That goes for both fiction and non-fiction. Compared to traditionally published hard cover and soft cover books, e-books offer much greater flexibility and possibility as regards page length or word count.

This is good news for authors. You don’t have to write and publish 200 pages in order for your book to have a serious presence in the marketplace and produce profitable results.  In fact, 20 pages that hit the nail directly on the head and speak authoritatively to your ideal target market may work better than 200 pages. That is true of e-books, but due to the spine width issue it is not yet true of physical books.

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