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How to Be an Effective Information Marketing “Parasite”

Information Marketing

When selling info products, you have to look for effective marketing opportunities that are VERY low cost. That’s one of my keys to success. Spending little so there is more profit to be had.

One VERY effective way to do this is to PIGGYBACK on other peoples’ events when you do seminars and any kind of training.

I do an event every year before the Book Expo. I’ve been doing this for a LOT of years. For many years I kept getting more and more people to show up. Then a couple of years of declining numbers. Then an uptick again.

Since I own the site, I use it to promote that event.

Since a slew of people are going to go to that event anyway, why not have my event the day before all the festivities start? This way, all people have to do is make a slight change in their travel plans and book one extra night at the hotel.

This is a lot better than trying to get people to show up for a SOLO event. One of my events that works just fine on it’s own is the FredInfoBootcamp. Check that site out for yourself if you want.

Whether it’s with an event, or any other concept, product or service that YOU promote, try and be a bit parasitic.

Look for ways that you can get a free ride as a result of someone else’s efforts.

Parasitic? Yes. Effective? Absolutely!

Don’t feel bad when you have something GREAT to promote or sell. Look for ways that you can hitch your marketing efforts to another party’s wagon.

It can only help to keep your costs lean and mean. This way there is more profit for you to keep. That’s unless you spend it on all kinds of frivolous “crap” like I do. Be careful!

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