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How to Become an EXPERT in Any Field

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Here is the first couple of sections of an article I recently wrote and put up on the Kindle store. If you want to get a hold of the complete article, check out this link:

The MENTAL Part of the Game

Whenever I’m doing a seminar or a speech, I often get the question: “I feel like a fraud. I’m claiming to be an expert but I’ve only got 7 years of experience in my field. There’s a guy/gal out there who has been doing this for over 30. What right do I have to make the claim that I’m an EXPERT”?

Does this question or something similar come into your mind when you think about calling yourself an EXPERT. Welcome. You’re NOT alone.

I refer to this as the IMPOSTOR syndrome. Feeling that little ‘ol YOU is not entitled to claim the title of expert. As they say in New York: FUGGETABOUDIT!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to claim to be an expert in a field you know nothing about. But, this issue is a matter of degrees. I don’t want you to claim you’re an expert unless you know more than 95% of the people in the field.

I suspect you’re already there if you’re reading this article.

I don’t expect you to be THE top person in your field. All I would suggest is that you consider yourself to be in the top 5%. If you’re there, then it’s all a matter of doing what the rest of this article suggests.

For most people, this is a tough one to get over. Many people feel “unworthy” of success. Their mind is constantly putting doubts in their heads. For the vast majority of people (and I’m almost SURE you’re one of them), this doubt is intellectually NON-sensical.

Yes, there may be some people who are more knowledgeable than you in your field. But how well can they articulate ideas? Many of them, NOT so well! You, on the other hand, know a lot AND, you can communicate those ideas to others.

Again, WELCOME. You’re on your way to becoming an expert.

So, IF you feel that you know more about your topic area than all but about 5% of the folks out there and IF you’re willing to study and stay current, THEN I have a gift for you.

YOU are now granted the RIGHT (by me) to call yourself an expert and do all of the things that I suggest in this article to MAKE IT SO!

OK? Now let’s get on with it!

Pick a Niche

It’s tough to be an expert in more than one area. You rarely see a brain surgeon who is ALSO a concert pianist. I would consider myself to be an expert in both information marketing AND seminar marketing, but the two are related.

So, I guess it’s POSSIBLE to be an expert in more than one area, as long as they are closely related. BUT, that being said, I do NOT concentrate my efforts in the seminar marketing area. I concentrate on the topic of information marketing which INCLUDES seminar marketing.

Rather than muddy the waters here, PICK ONE AREA. One area only. Concentrate on it to the exclusion of all others. Make sure it’s one that you’re truly passionate about. Don’t try and make this work with something where you are “so-so” about the topic. Do that and you’ll be in BIG trouble.

If you’re struggling with WHICH topic area to go for the expert title in, then congratulations. You are multi-talented. Possibly you have adult A-D-D, like me. Stop it! Pick one area to focus on. Try to focus on too many things and you’ll get off track.

How do you pick just one if you have a few areas where you would consider yourself in the top 5%? Pick the ONE that you get the MOST excited about. Not sure? Ask your family and friends. Ask them to give you the answer to this question: “If I had to be an expert on just ONE topic, what do you think it would be”?

Don’t prompt them. Sit back and listen to their answers.

The one they come up with will be the right one almost every time. Also, picture yourself working in the field they came up with 30 years from now. How does it FEEL? Do you feel jazzed or do you feel bored?

If bored is the answer, go back to square one. If not, proceed! Not with caution, but with ZEAL!

There you have it. Again, if you like what you’ve read so far, check out:

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  1. kris on June 9th, 2012 2:59 am

    love the information and your breadth of knowledge within this field. You are demystifying online marketing.

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