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How To Insure Your Info Marketing Is Not Spam

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So, let’s say you have a website and you are following my advice, as well as a lot of other ideas you find out on the web.  Hopefully, you have not overlooked the fact that linking your website in unsolicited emails, comments and posts is actually spam.

Becoming known for your spammy communication is NOT the way to build your brand, or the reputation of your info marketing.  So, where’s the fine line? How do we promote ourselves and our products without crossing that line?

Here’s a list of ideas provided by the reliable web platform providers for authors and musicians, CDBaby and BookBaby. It includes three don’ts, always a useful place to start:

  1. writing criteria of information marketing buyers


    Don’t send out your emails or newsletter s unless you include useful information in them. Don’t make them 100% advertising for yourself and your info marketing.

  2. Don’t limit your Facebook updates to advertising and promotional links. Include timely opinions and information that your readers can use right away without buying something.
  3. Don’t Tweet links and say, “Buy this from me now,” several times a day.  People do not appreciate being bombarded with your self-promoting tweets all the time. Once a day or less is good.
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