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How to Make Your Information Marketing Business “Competition Proof”

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I compete against a number of other people who do what I do. In addition to creating and marketing my own products, I now create a substantial amount of revenue from coaching others in the info marketing business.

But . . . let’s talk about YOU and YOUR NICHE.

Do you ever get bothered, or even depressed when you see all the people out there competing against you? Does it get you angry when many of those folks are dramatically inferior to you? Or even angrier when some of them are outright UNETHICAL?

I should hope it would get you bothered. It sure the heck bothers me!

What about the people who “borrow” what you do and claim it as their own? And, they never bother to even mention you or give you credit for having come up with the idea.

You’re not alone. This happens all the time, in a lot of niches, to people just like you.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to offer something that NO ONE can duplicate. But how can that be? People can copy just about any and everything. True. But, there is one HUGE exception to that rule!


They can take EVERYTHING of yours and claim it as their own. Those same people can take your products and remake them with minor differences. Sometimes even without minor differences. A well known guru COPIED a DVD from a friend/client of mine a couple of years back and sold it as his own.

BUT, they can’t CLONE you! At least, not yet!

Think about the prospects for your products and services. Do they buy strictly based on what you or someone else has to offer? Of course not! The decision that someone makes to engage me (or you) as their coach (or product provider) is more than 50% about YOU and who YOU ARE.

But what if you have great “stuff” to offer and people don’t do business with you because of WHO YOU ARE? Trust me, it happens. ALL THE TIME.

In fact, the vast majority of people make a decision to do business with you based primarily on “soft” factors. Factors that have nothing to do with the REAL information, products or services that you offer.

So, what do you do? Change your approach? Nope. Get a personality transplant? Don’t. Go to some new-age retreat to CURE yourself of something that is the essence of who you are? HELL NO!!

Don’t get me wrong though. All of us have personalities that can be IMPROVED. Trust me, I’m first on that list. I TRY to be a “better” person every day. Some days I’m more successful than others.

BUT, I can’t change who I am. Neither can you.

So here’s the deal. Be YOU. Be the real YOU. Offer great products and services and continue to make them even better. Give people great service. Do all the things you should do in any business to attract and keep customers.

BUT, remember, people frequently make their decisions to buy based on things you have absolutely no control of.

And think of the reverse. There is probably someone in your market who is a complete jerk. They may have products that are a bit better than yours. BUT, you may still win the game because people LIKE you more.

Don’t change who you are. Be yourself. NO ONE can be YOU. And THAT is the best and most powerful USP (unique selling proposition) that you have.

Don’t like this post? Don’t like me? Sorry!

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