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How To Stay Motivated To Market Information

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Have you ever struggled with how to stay motivated to market information?  I think that happens to all of us occasionally. It’s easy to slip into a groove, a nice, easy pattern of doing our marketing activities and making sales, and we can overlook the need for a steady stream of new products to bring in new clients and customers.

Molly King posted on the BookBaby Blog lately, offering a few ways to stay motivated as a writer. Well, this one applies to information marketers as well, because our products generally start with our writing:

information marketing motivation checklist

How To Stay Motivated To Market Information

“Baby steps:  In order to not become overwhelmed by the larger task at hand, split tasks into smaller goals and celebrate each goal once you reach it. For example, if your goal is to write an entire novel, set a goal of writing one chapter at a time, or just writing for one hour at a time, and celebrate when you’ve done it. You’ll be stoked that you reached your goal and be motivated to move onto chapter two (or hour two).”

Writing an e-book or a tangible book in your topic area can be accomplished the same way, chapter-by-chapter, or as King calls it, in “baby steps.” Thinking about major tasks as a series of smaller, incremental steps is a classic method for achieving any goal. Focusing on the next step instead of the whole project keeps overwhelm at bay, and that’s an important part of accomplishing any goal.

It’s much easier to stay motivated when there are things we can check off a to-do list on a daily basis, and feel a sense of accomplishment as a result.

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