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How To Understand SEO in 2013 To Market Information

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If you are wondering how to understand SEO to market information in 2013, there are really three main parts to the puzzle, and it truly has become a puzzle. Industry experts all seem to have a slightly different take on the topic now. It reminds me of politics.

But this recent quote from Jayson DeMers on makes some sense to me:

“In 2013, success in SEO hinges on businesses putting together a robust combination strategy that brings together an integrated web of great content, credible links, and social signals. Each of these pieces supports the other, providing tremendous value to readers, building your authority and brand value, and distributing your content across new channels.”

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How To Understand SEO in 2013 To Market Information

It’s not enough to be present on the world wide web now. Not really. Basically, if you are going to build an information marketing business now you have to construct a web of your own, consisting of content, inbound and outbound links, and a strategy for your social media as well. If this is starting to sound like a full-time job, you’re not alone. That’s the way it appears to me, too.

I think the following may be the most important of all DeMers’ suggestions in his post,” The foundation of your SEO strategy is keyword research. The concept is simple: you can only optimize your site once you know how your target market searches for the products/services you have to offer.“

All the blog posts, articles, comments and social media mentions are not going to get the right traffic to your site if you aren’t using the right bait. And keywords are the bait. You have to be using the same words your target audience uses when searching for the information products and services you provide. That’s how search engines will pull up your sites and you will be found online.

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