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How Your Competition Can Help You Market Information

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Have you ever considered how your competition can help you market information? Seriously, monitoring the websites and social media of your primary competitors can provide valuable insights for your own information marketing business.

Freelance writer Susan Finch posted on Write To Done lately, and her comments are directed towards freelance writers in particular. But I noticed that five of her points apply to those of us who build information marketing websites to sell our products and services as well.

“1.  Read your competition’s bio.

info marketing market competition

How Your Competition Can Help You Market Information

2.  Check your competition’s portfolio and skim through their roster of clients.

3.  Read through a few of your competitor’s clips to get an idea of what the client looks for.

4. Search for testimonials to see exactly why a client loved your competitor’s work.

5. Review your competition’s list of services.”

Since many information marketers are creating and selling info products to promote their professional services, this list is valuable for checking out your competitor’s services in order to see how your services stack up. Maybe there is some overlap, and maybe there is a gaping hole in the marketplace that you can begin to fill.

More than ever, now that there are so many coaches and consultants promoting themselves with information products, you absolutely have to find a way to stand out. If you make a chart of your own services provided, and then do your research as Finch suggests, taking note or charting the services offered by your competition, you are very likely to find “pay dirt” in the details.

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