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How Your Information Marketing Helps Your Career

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If you are selling information products or services to businesses, you will want to consider the following survey results from Hinge Marketing because they can help you see quite clearly how your information marketing helps your career. A total of 1355 people were surveyed, which included 822 buyers and 533 sellers in a variety of traditional categories such as technology, legal, accounting and engineering.

Most important to info marketers is one survey conclusion, “Reputation trumps relationship.”  This summary statement reflects the following statistics –

Information Marketing Helps Your Career

Information Marketing Helps Your Career

While 71% of buyers will ask a friend or colleague for a referral (compared to 11% searching online and 2% using social media) 41% say they will make their decision based on a good reputation, 28% on cost, 28% on good fit as regards company values, 21% on expertise and skills, and only 10% on referrals.

When asked, “What tips the scale for the winner?” the responses came in at 21% for good reputation, and 18% for an existing relationship. That’s pretty close, isn’t it?

The way I see this data, reputation and relationship are nearly equal, and both are built by marketing information to your target market. That’s what builds your reputation and your relationship simultaneously.  It looks like buyers are fond of asking for referrals, but when they make their final decision they lean towards providers with a good reputation. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Your e-book and audio information products are the building blocks of your customer testimonials and your overall reputation. You cannot afford NOT to market yourself with your own information products.

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