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If You Market Information You Need AuthorRank Now

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Do you want your potential clients and customers to see your smiling face on their search results page beside links to your blog posts, articles and YouTube videos? Even if you’re not thrilled with that idea, the important thing to know is that Google is thrilled with it. Google wants to legitimize search results for a better “user experience.” So, if you market information you need AuthorRank now.

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AuthorRank and Your Information Marketing Business

So, now we’d all better start to pay attention and use AuthorRank to our advantage when we market information on Amazon and elsewhere on the web.  I am NOT an expert on this topic at all, but I am learning about it and sharing what I’ve learned with you as I go along.

Mike Arnesen is much better equipped to help you get up to speed with the use of Author Rich Snippets. Those are the tiny bits of code that identify your blog posts, articles and other writing online so that Google connects the dots and you build authority. Literally. Use of a Google+ profile is a critical part of the connection.

If all this sounds like another irritating thing that you have to do to market information, and you’re thinking it’s just another social media site that will take up your time with little or no results, you’d be wrong. This is a big deal. Click my linked articles here and let’s all get up to speed to market information together.

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