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Information marketing is NOT as easy as it seems. The holy grail to anyone who does anything at all in the marketing field is to find a way to increase response rates. Most response rates to ANY kind of marketing or promotional effort are extremely low. IF you could find a way to increase your response rates by 20, 30 or even 50%, how much more money would you make?

What if I told you I have found at least PART of the answer? Keep reading.

Have you been to see a movie lately? Do you ever observe people communicating online in all the super high-tech films? Do you ever see people typing? No? Me neither. What do you see?

YES. People communicating visually on some super high tech looking device.

YouTube is all the rage, YET, we still communicate a LOT with others via text and “standard” text email messages. Seems odd, doesn’t it?

I’ve been testing a new system over the past few weeks. I wrote about it on this blog a couple of days ago, but I wanted to give you an update of how I’m doing things and how it’s working. Since I’m trying to introduce people to a new video email system called: CoolVideoTool, I wanted to device the BEST way to get people to respond.

Here is what I did.

First, I put together a SHORT (3 minute) YouTube video giving people the highlights of what this “thing” is all about. You can find this video by clicking HERE.

Next, I then sent out a video email to everyone on my list. Rather than direct them to the CoolVideoTool website, I instead asked them to go and check out the video above. I monitored then watched the response rates.

First off, very few people have seen a video email come into their box. It’s still a novelty so this accounts for some of the higher levels of response. Second, rather than attempt to sell someone something, I INSTEAD sent them to a video which EXPLAINED the concept fully and completely.

This allowed people to UNDERSTAND exactly what I was “pitching” and gave them some solid information with which to make a decision. I say SOLID INFORMATION referring to a 3 minute video. Possible? Absolutely. You can do something that is very convincing and believeable without having to spend an inordinate amount of time.

My GOAL with this marketing effort is to get people to TRY my new video email tool. Rather than trying to sell them on the idea, I merely wanted to EDUCATE them to the opportunity. This is what I did and it seems to be working very well. I’ll give you specific data and statistics when they are available.

Any information marketing person should take note of this test. If nothing else, you should be TESTING video email. In my case, it is working well.

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