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Influence and Your information Marketing Business

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Influence is a somewhat elusive characteristic. Like beauty, we each have our own perspective. People and things that have influence in my life may not interest or attract you at all. What matters in business, however, is the subject of influence and your information marketing business.

Gary Stein identifies three types of influencers in a blog post this week, and they include:

“1) The Counselor:  This is the most common type of influencer. Everyone has a specialty.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Influence and Your information Marketing Business

2) The Communicator: The second most common influencer is the communicator. These are people who not only have a large storehouse of knowledge about a subject but are actively seeking out opportunities to share that knowledge.

3) The Community Builder: The rarest (and therefore most valuable) of the influencer set is the community builder. This is the person who not only has lots of information and likes to share it, but has taken the steps to gather other people around her ideas.”

Take a moment to consider which one of the above describes you, and then which ones you have in your own network.  You are probably a Counselor of some type and that’s the basis of your information marketing business, which also makes you a Communicator.

But, are you already or are you becoming a Community Builder? Do you associate with Community Builders?  This is the place to be in order to gain authority and build your business. It should be your goal and your destination now.

Stein says, “Influencers are an important way to market your brand. You need to think of it very much in the same context as your paid media – make reasonable investments and expect positive returns. Use the technology and tools available to you to be efficient and stay focused on what your goals are.”

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